Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Isn’t Enough

Mastering the art of SEO is a complex and time consuming process. You may have even shelled out a large chunk of change to an expert in the hope that your website will rank on that all important first page. Do you know what really frustrates people? When they find out THIS ISN’T ENOUGH.

Why Not?

If you are seeing traffic come to your website, what is your conversion rate? How many people are actually taking action once they get there? If you answered “not enough” then you totally get what I am trying to say. So how to fix your problem? Here are three things to focus on which will improve your conversion rates.

A Unique Offer: Nowadays email marketing is king, because once people have opted in by handing you their email you know they are good leads. To get them to hand you the key to their inbox you need to give them something they would like to have AND something that establishes your authority in your industry. Offer them a report, a free tutorial or short video which will help them solve a problem.

Compelling and Convincing Copy: Have you ever looked at a website headline and then scrolled to the bottom looking for the “important stuff?” This is exactly what you DON’T want your customers doing. Your copy should be crisp, clean and convincing (see what I did there) to grab attention and hold it. Boring copy is a lost opportunity.

Don’t Hide The Ball: There are a few tricks to writing good copy and one can be to ask leading questions so that people continue reading. This works, but only if you actually provide a solid answer at the end. Not just any answer will do either, you should explain why the reader should care about your answer and always remind them of how it benefits them.

Ask! Your website should have a very clear “Ask” which is part of your content marketing strategy. What them to call you? Ask. Want them to sign up for your email list? Ask. Want them to add something to the cart? Ask! Just make sure that each page only has one clear ask and that the page is tailored around why they should take this action.

Now for my ask: Need help fine tuning your website to increase you conversion rate and optimizing the opportunities your SEO is bringing you? Contact Us and find out how we can help.